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We need video and/or audio of tobacco auctions, hog killings, grist mills, farm harvests (puttin' in tobacco, stackin' peanuts, pickin' cotton), people making dip nets, "corning" herrings, logging with mules or early equipment, making tools, church dinners-on-the-ground...and more! 

NOTE: The Martin County Historical Society is a volunteer organization so, any time you can help save by doing the research on these subjects, locating and borrowing the materials yourself, will make getting them published online more likely!  Some tips: If you have or can find an old video and cannot go to the expense of having it converted to digital form, the inexpensive work-around is to project the video onto a screen or smooth white wall and re-videotape it with a digital camera. Although it isn't the ideal way to do this, it does work (some of the videos below are examples!)
Looking for Video/Audio on these subjects:   
  • Martin County Tobacco Warehouse Auctions
  • Fort Branch Re-enactment
  • Early Senator Bob Martin Eastern Agricultural Center
Please see NOTE at left!
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